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BeLUMINOUS: Rachel is Luminous

May 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

UntitledUntitled Rachel is Luminous!

Rachel L. B_0229BwebRachel L. B_0229BwebRachel is Luminous!


I have had the pleasure of knowing Rachel for the past two years. And she is luminous.  For one thing, she has been volunteering to help children with special needs in the Therapeutic riding classes at Shadow Equestrian stables located in beautiful Monroeville, New Jersey (right in our town here at Luminous 5). She has been there for 7 years giving her time to help children with developmental delays.

Luchay_0149BwebLuchay_0149BwebVolunteering at Shadow Equestrian











Rachel is a very humorous girl. We spent a lot of time laughing during her session times. She is also a movie buff, particularly the old black and white genre. Think Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, etc. She likes the old gafaw, slap-stick movies. So I did this image in a Silver Screen look of the old skool actress head shots. Rachel L. B_0354B webRachel L. B_0354B webSilver Screen Look




















Her maturity and faith are beyond her years and she requested having portraits made in the chapel, wearing her chapel veil and while praying a rosary. We share this faith, even though there are a few years between us. Rachel L. B_0152AwebRachel L. B_0152AwebBlessed Mother wearing Chapel Veil At the fashion part of the shoot, Rachel did not hesitate to embrace her youth.  Rachel L. B_0488AwebRachel L. B_0488AwebSpin!




Rachel is graduating in a few weeks. She is going to school to study social work, again to help others.


Rachel L. B_0535A webRachel L. B_0535A web





All the best, Rachel!

BeLUMINOUS: Luke is Luminous!

April 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Luke is Luminous

Luke Web_0049ALuke Web_0049A This is Luke. I had the pleasure of creating his Senior Portraits with him. He will graduate in June.

LuKe Web__0434LuKe Web__0434

He works for the family business.

Luke Web_0174BLuke Web_0174B He's quite humorous. His Facebook posts ring true with me!

LuKe web__0456LuKe web__0456





He's actually one of the greatest guys around.

He enjoys everything he does.





Luke Web_0077BLuke Web_0077B













I would describe him as sincere.








                                                                                       Luke works with his mom on their

Lila Rose business doing bookkeeping and sales. He has a lot of fun stories from these adventures.






GPA: well he's Summa Cum Laude.

Enough said there.
Luke web_0011CLuke web_0011C Luke Web_0263ALuke Web_0263A

That every person would have as pure a soul as Luke!

Luke IS light.

Luke is Luminous.


BE Luminous: Fr. Gaffney is Luminous.

March 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment



Fr. Bill Gaffney is Luminous. Fr. Bill Gaffney, CssR is luminous.

If you get a chance to attend one of his missions, you will see. He brings such love and compassion and tenderness with him. He's sharp as a tack and fills you with laughter with his Irish humor. When he lays his hands on you, well, knock me over with a feather-literally.

His charisms are pure. Evident. 

I got a note of thanks from Fr. Bill Gaffney for photos I sent after a photo shoot we had in the fall. He only let me shoot for about 6 or 7 minutes before he got uncomfortable. But I remember that he loved it. This is what he said in his note:

"My deepest thanks for all the photos. I have never been so photographed in my life. I have been so blessed. People find it hard to believe that I am 82 years of age. I am so blessed."

Letter-hand written

Oh! to be grateful for a life well lived.

Fr. Gaffney is luminous.

BE Luminous.


PS: Everyone should be "so photographed" in their lives AT LEAST once.

Be Luminous

March 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Be Luminous!


I think I am beginning to understand what I meant by the name of my company.  Luminous 5. I can't say I thought it up myself, it came more as a divine inspiration. I wanted to make it clear that we all can shine our light on others.

Do you know someone who brings light to the world?

Tell me their story: how are they luminous?


For me it is not about body type, height, weight or some kind of look.  It is the goodness that comes through. It is about love.


Nominate them. 

IMG_5021AIMG_5021ACapturing portraits



Mug Shot

March 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have these two favorite tea cups- mugs actually. When I empty the dw, I kind of put them in the back of the cabinet so the guys here don't take them. And in my life I note that "the guys" take what's on top. For instance, if I put my husband's least likeable shirts under the rest, I can be assured that he won't wear them. He will in fact wear what's on top.


I digress.

Looking at these two mugs, I was thinking how different they were. One is a precious porcelain, with a witty, fancy black and white  peacock. The other a thicker clay, in a soft green with imprints on it. They both reflect me in a unique and clear manner. The fancy me and the relaxed me. Both things are true about me.

  Green teacupGreen teacupMy simple side.

Green teacupGreen teacupMy simple side.

And we are more than meets the eye; Created in the image of God.


Which mug do you like better? It's ok, because they are both me, and I like them each one.


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