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2018 Easter Mini Sessions

March 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Its so hard to believe we are doing Spring Mini Sessions! It's still so wintry out!


Easter Mini's (3)AEaster Mini's (3)A


The weather has not been even close to "on our side" here in the Tri State,  Greater Philadelphia area. 

So this year's Mini Sessions will be all indoors because the weather is not looking any better in the 7 day forecast. 


I created an "Easter Blessings" scene which can be changed up depending on the number of children you will incorporate. 

M&M Phelps_0082HM&M Phelps_0082H



And there will also be this bright, clean scene with props galore, and/or bring your own.

M&M Phelps_0221BM&M Phelps_0221B M&M Phelps_0236AM&M Phelps_0236A


I normally prefer to provide people with ready-to-display prints and products, but because of this late posting (again due to weather), I am offering digital files so that you will have your images by Easter.  Prints and products will be available at 20% off list, and I am promising them in 2-3 weeks after the shoot date.


The cost is $95.00 plus tx. That's $9.50/ image!


The date is just around the corner, next Friday March 23 from 1-6, so waste no time booking this GREAT DEAL!  I only have time for 10 sessions. To book, call or text 610-952-8861 or CLICK HERE and write me on the contact page.  Specify what hour or half hour you would like and I'll get right back to you to confirm. I will send you an invoice and you can pay on line, zippidy-zip.

Joyous Easter!


Get your peas planted by St. Patrick's Day, Which is today! Brrrrrr!





Maggie is LUMINOUS!

October 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

UntitledUntitled Maggie M_0077AMaggie M_0077A Hello, sweet Maggie!

You are just a young girl and already your light is shining!


We got together for belated First Communion photos! What a super star model you were both in and out of the studio.

Maggie is the caboose of  a large family. Her mom wanted to create first Communion photos that kind of matched the flare of the portraits of the older children. So we did a traditional series of poses inside.


Maggie M_0218Maggie M_0218 Maggie M_0043Maggie M_0043

It was beautiful outside, as well, so we took a walk right here at my studio in the meadow to 

create these sweet images.

Maggie M_0203Maggie M_0203 Maggie M_0164Maggie M_0164


Maggie is bright and sunny and pretty funny! It was so nice to just spend some time with her!

Maggie M_0020Maggie M_0020

Maggie is LUMINOUS!

To join the fun and be part of the Insiders list, where all our sessions are first listed, CLICK HERE.

Rainbow Baby

March 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

UntitledUntitled There is a Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow goes the Irish legend!  

From where cometh the rainbow?

The rainbow comes after the storm, of course, bringing us so much joy!  "Look! A rainbow!!"

Rainbow babies are children born after parents experience  devastating loss by miscarriage, neonatal death or still birth. They are the color in the world after the storm of that loss. The storm is never forgotten, but the joy of the rainbow baby relights their hearts!

Annie_0118B-WAnnie_0118B-Wmother and child and her gratitude


The loss is  dark and  disappointing.  And the nursery, so carefully arranged, is the picture of the emptiness. 

sleeping newbornAnnie_0019C-Wrestful slumber baby newborn

Annie is a rainbow baby. She came after a series of still born siblings which brought her family to the brink of despair.

When she was born, friends of her family went to their home to setup the nursery for mom- she just couldn't do it again until she was sure. They had no clothes or diapers. They just had to wait. They could not invest in another possible empty crib.


People all over the country were praying for this baby and her mother. Every Facebook post whispered a new milestone, and Elaina and Dan's fears were evident: "Please continue to pray!"  Everyone was praying and cheering them on. But it wasn't until they could bring their baby home to their other children that they could begin to rest and believe that she was here to stay. Annie_0093C-WAnnie_0093C-WMy Precious Child


Elaina's advice to people who have suffered this kind of loss is to "Trust, just trust. God has his timing."


After the storm there is a rainbow of hope. Here I am!


Rainbow BabyRainbow BabyNewborn rainbow baby session





This beautiful  image to the left is used by permission of  photographer friend, Jaime Stone of Precious Stones Photography in Killeen, TX

Fresh Apples

October 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Sweet as Apple Pie!


Way up in an Apple Tree,

two little apples smiled down at me.

I shook that tree as hard as I could!

Boy were they good!




















These photos are the result of the Sweet as Apple Pie Photo Contest I ran. I needed a model because  I had a dress that inspired the whole thng. I was thrilled with the number of applications. All the children were very sweet. This was actually my first runner up!  The funniest thing is that she decided she did not want to wear the actual apple dress!!  :)

I  always work organically in my photo shoots, especially when there are little children involved.   We go with the flow both in the studio and on location, and it is in being with the true child that my favorite images occur.












Always on a shoot something is there that makes the unexpected happen. This empty greenhouse, had interesting light at sunset and created an opportunity.


The dress is still available for its maiden voyage if you have a size 3ish little girl who would like to eat some apples and frolic in the fields! And the weather is still beckoning, for all sized children, and now with colored leaves!

snapshotsnapshotInstallation gallery

This is an installation of this gallery of images chosen by the family.

You can check out more photos of children's photography on my website!







Mary Kate is Luminous

September 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Their Hearts Whisper...

Nawns_0039AWNawns_0039AW What has more light than a woman carrying her beautiful new child? I tell you the expectancy, and the joy in the heart of a first time mom rings reality, life,  new beginnings, and the sense that the human race is meant to carry on! Nawns_0003BWNawns_0003BW


Nawns_0073BWNawns_0073BW There is so much mystery,  Nawns_0091AWNawns_0091AW And the mother's heart already bursts to love this new child completely and selflessly. Nawns_0190AWNawns_0190AW







Behind the veil of the womb is mini me & you.  This husband and wife opt to be surprised as to what their child will be-baby boy or baby girl.




They are in loving unison with each other, and their baby gets to come into a world of joy and family.  


The black and white photos below draw me in with the soft light and the pair's connection come through in the photos. This comes as a synergy between  my subject and me. We grow quickly in a deep respect for each other, wherever we each are on our life travels that day- at that time. 

Nawns_0344BWNawns_0344BW Nawns_0332BWNawns_0332BW





Nawns_0219CWNawns_0219CW Nawns_0347BWNawns_0347BW

Their hearts whisper,  " I love you. I love our 'us,' all three."


MaryKate & John are  Luminous.

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