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As soon as you commit to doing your personal brand on line, the next step is the big one:  Your face!

Remember when the kids were smarty pants answering with,”YOUR FACE?”

Yeah, your face!


You have to show your face and that means pictures, selfies, Instagram husband/wife, live video. Yep.


It’s crazy because there was a time when the purpose of a photograph was mainly a portal to the past. Even when Social Media began, we were just posting to remember. Now photos are monetizable currency for influence and business building.


















There are so many people that tell me, ”I am going to get you do my branding photos as soon as I lose 5 pounds.”

Forget about it. 

While I promise I won’t take unseemly images of you, the 5 pound thing isn’t happening in the time that you need the images to leverage your brand. Because you probably need the photos this minute. That excuse “holds no weight!”

Just the other day I spoke to a friend who was looking for an old image I did of her and I suggested she gets some fresh images done.

“I have to lose 5 pounds,” she said.

On cue. IMG_0816IMG_0816



Friends, I have lumps, bumps, facial hair, a crooked tooth and the most unpredictable curly hair you can imagine. I’m over it.

I admit, though that when I am not behind the camera, I prefer to work with a photographer who is going to pose me and direct me because I make dweeby faces. I also know I need lipstick so I don’t look like I have passed on. It is what it is. But the availability to have a folder of images ready for about any situation is priceless.


You are beautiful. Make the appointment for the branding photo session. If you can get the five off by that date, great. If not, it is ok. Your images are not for the purpose of modeling. They are to show your smile and confidence and your personality. You want people to know what it is about you that would make them want to do business with you. Plain and simple.

Plus, research shows that other people who look at our photos are not nearly as critical of your images as you are. We are hardest on ourselves.

And, surprise! This is a fact. Research says that having your photos done actually helps to BUILD your self esteem! What a nice side effect! You will feel good about yourself and you can take that vibe home to your family and they will feel refreshed to see your mood lifted!

LR Edits-104BLR Edits-104B

It’s my job as your photographer to make you feel comfortable, and to pose you so that you are looking your very best. It’s also my job to encourage you and loosen you up.

I did some images recently for a great and brilliant woman. She is a true introvert. She knows she needed personal branding photos for her business. Taking the leap and the trust to get her photos done was huge.  And sure enough, in the end I believe she had an awesome experience. I always have a great time doing the photos!

Photos have gone from being a source of memories to being an actual currency. You can make money showing products or services using your influence. It’s kind of crazy. For your personal brand, it is an indirect money line. You show your face/ your brand/ who you are, and your audience will come to know, like and trust you. When they go to make a purchase they will remember you because you have given them something to remember.


Thank you for opening your heart and “your face!” to allow me to capture your luminous self and show the world your beautiful gifts!

One Last Thing!

To help you establish your Personal Brand or build on the brand you have started, I am offering Brand Power hours. I would love to talk to you no matter how many or few followers/likes or comments you have. We will give your brand an audit and discuss how it fits with your goals, and how you can leverage it to help you grow! I would love to hear from you!

To apply, click here!

To learn more about personal brand photography with The Maria PhotoBrand, click here.



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Branding Power: Beating the FEAR! Maria BWMaria BW


Beating the fear! How to Show up on SM in 2020.


What are your feelings about showing up on line?

Are you thinking I know I have to show up on social Media to grow my business but where do I start?

Do you feel like a misfit?

a techno Dyno?

too old?


worn out?

bodily imperfect?


You should show up on Social Media. And I am going to help you to face your fears!

These are such common concerns. And there are many more! But let’s face it, if you want to grow your business or influence, you need to be in the sphere of social media. In fact, websites are almost passe. People want to get to know you before they give you their trusted business.

Is fear the thing that is holding you back? Well, my friend you have to face your fears.

I faced mine!

I am a “chicken of the sea.” My 28 year old son recently called me that. I wasn’t always like this. I was as a little girl, but when I got to college I spread my wings and tried new things. I have always been a very outgoing , people person, juggling many best friends. But I am so afraid of things like roller coasters, most amusement park rides,  and back dives. I am no longer afraid of snakes, although I would be cautious to see them in nature. And in recent years, I find I am fearful of things again!


So let’s unpack the snake thing. I used to be neurotically afraid of snakes, and for no reason whatsoever, except that maybe it was the surly snake in Genesis.  But for real,I had no reason or experience other than whatever I decided in my mind at some point. My special son got into a ten year reptile obsession, and lo and behold I ended up with a ball python living in my house. My son fed it live mice!! EEEEK! But I came to appreciate the guy. He was even kind of pretty. Sometimes I even handled it!

Snakes are no longer feared by me. They have surprised me a few times and I scream, but more from surprise.

Screenshot 2020-01-13 at 4.07.30 PMThis actually happened last summer.I screamed but had the nerve to take a photo and then get the hubster to "take care of things."

By dosing myself, I became snake brave certified.

I overcame my fears. This photo on the left happened in our chicken coop last summer! I did scream in surprise, but had the where-with-all to snap the image!

My friend, This is how you can do this.

Post by post

With social media my fears were about negative comments from family and friends. Not that I was afraid of their judgement as much as I didn’t know if I could handle the negativity that could occur, and still carry on. Some negativity has occurred. But it was light at best. They mostly aren’t my ideal clients anyway.

I was also worried about not being perfect enough, young enough, or just too old! But there is no such thing as any of those aforementioned myths. You are who you are and you are WONDERFUL, as you are. You are not too old and it is not too late!

You are fearfully, wonderfully made! (Ps. 132:14)

Now if you prefer to shave or put on make-up and your favorite outfit before going on line, by all means, please do. That is WHO YOU ARE! So you be you! And if those things will help your confidence, do what it takes to get the job done. It does not matter as much HOW you show up on Social Media, it matters THAT you show up!

Here is the kicker, though. Show your products and services, but primarily, show YOU. Photos of you , selfies, getting in a car, riding a bike, skiing, knitting. Again, being all the things that make up you.

It has been said that 80% of life is just showing up! And that’s the number one rule in Social Media.

You don’t have to show up every day, but you need to be consistent!


I suggest that you aim to post two times per week and build up from there. It is hard to be consistent. So start at a doable pace.

The best remedy I have for that is to plan your posts. Don’t worry about it being perfect. Start with a theme per week or so and work it through from there. Maybe you can only plan 1 week in advance! THAT IS OK.


You want show up in places like the main feed, live videos, YouTube, IGTV and Stories. You need not be on all the platforms!  In fact, pick one to start.


Great news!   I am offering a one hour complementary, exclusive Branding Power Hour consultation for those of you who are ready to break through fear and accelerate your business. If this is you, click here and fill out the Branding Power Hour application!  I would love to talk with you and help you get a jump start on your brand and your business! If you know anyone who you feel this could help, please send them this post and let’s get them started!

Let me know about your fears. Either respond in the comments or contact me. And, as always, If you have any questions, DM me and I’ll get right back to you!

Next week we will discuss Fear of Being Photographed and how it ALWAYS ends up to be just that, A FEAR!

Thank you and I’ll talk to you you soon!

Check me out on Instagram and see how my fear facing is going!



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Now What? How to use your Personal Brand Photos Now What? 

How to use your Personal Brand Photos
Annalise PBP-381Annalise PBP-381

You've got a beautiful folder full of gob-stopping, story telling images, and you want to build your brand on line. Maybe you even posted one or two... but you need a plan! 


In the meantime, to get yourself going here is a list of 12 post ideas you can use while you get used to the idea of daily posting. Once you get your feet wet, you might just be on your way. 


First, recall, that you don't want to be selling your product every day. People with get fed up with that quickly. So please, entertain us with your photos and share yourself in the comments, which are like a mini blog. This is effective for both Facebook, Instagram and the other social platforms. You can tell us about yourself, how your business works, why you do what you do, but only ask for consideration every so often. Once a week is as often as you like. 


For the most part, though, just share about your comings and goings. Do it on brand, with the same voice that you always use. Your Photos should be showing your visual brand.   DSC_0100_0201ADSC_0100_0201A


The 12 ideas: 

When you use these questions, it would be best if you did not or did not always have the question at the top. I suggest you just begin by cleverly answering these questions. Your first line should be something that will keep your audience around to read and then perform your CTA- call to action. Always have a CTA. You may be asking for a like (double tap, hit the like button, show me some love, etc), you may be sending them to your website (click the link in the bio), taking a poll, or for the big one, to your mailing list. 

These questions can easily be adapted for your Personal Brand. 

1. What Am I loving right now?  It could be anything from your favorite coffee, Netflix show.

2. What have I been up to lately? Home  project, a craft project, cleaning out the garage etc. Maybe it is about helping your child with  kind of homework your she is or is not getting. Maybe it's Saturday soccer games...


3. A prayer that has been recently answered/ Something I have been hoping for. 


4. What am I excited about? What is getting me up in the morning? The sky is the limit!


5. One random fact about me. My friend recently shared on line about her brain cancer and the open heart surgery she survived. It could be that you are from Alaska, or that you were educated overseas.


6. What is my favorite memory from last month? Lots of story opportunities there. Maybe you will have to look in your planner to jog your memory!


7. Or What have I recently learned? Or, What has God taught me lately?


8. What am I watching? DSC_0022ADSC_0022A


9. What am I reading?


10. What am I listening to?


11. What am I praying about / hoping for lately?


12. What YouTuber am I watching these days?


Do you see how this works? I can't wait to see how you use these! I would love it if you would put your IG or FB handle in the comments so I can follow along with your progress. Also, please tag me in your posts so I can help nudge the algorithm in YOUR direction! The best way to be a friend is to comment on your people's posts. The comments are where the connections are!

All the best!



I got this set of ideas  from a video I watched by  Deena from @acatholicwife and YouTube She did a fun video answering this set of questions. I realized that this would make a great way to share with my audience on how to use their Personal Brand Images on line. So, thank you Deena for the fun and the inspiration!


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Your Personal Brand books acting/ modeling gigs Building Your Brand Builds Your Acting Resume!


What have my personal Brand Clients who are Actors and Models reported that is So valuable? 

TylerJones PBP-39TylerJones PBP-39

On many occasions, I have heard from my actor clients that the casting people are asking them things like,"How many followers do you have on Instagram?"  I wrote about this in my last blog.

I have also heard it reported that actors are being told that their Instagram feed was an essential piece to their being cast in the part. One client was told that her images made it clear that she WAS the type that they wanted to cast, and they could do so with confidence because her brand was clear and her professional images. Apparently there was another person in the cast who was called out and had the same compliment paid to them. The producer recommended to the cast that they have professional brand images done as well.


Agencies are also asking their clients to have personal brand photography done.

Bsrbsrs Oct 2017_0165ABsrbsrs Oct 2017_0165A

When we sit down to plan a brand session, I listen to who you are and we plan a photo shoot that reflects your personal style. Empathically, I understand you, and we work from there. We plan your clothing, locations, props and we even discuss how you can pose.  For me it is simple because I really like people and I appreciate you from where you come from.

Of course this does not only apply to actors and models. This goes for anyone trying to leverage their personal brand on line to build their business.

Selletti_0002ASelletti_0002A Selletti_0108ASelletti_0108A

Reach out on the contact page or shoot me a text 610-952-8861.


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HeadShot & Personal Brand Session UntitledUntitled TylerJones-1TylerJones-1


Now here is a Guy Who Understands What's What.


I had the pleasure to photograph Tyler to create  his head shots and asked him about  Personal Brand Photography, which he decided to go for as well.  

Tyler gets it. He needs his head shots to submit to audition for films and other acting gigs, and he knows he needs his brand on line. 

TylerJones-16TylerJones-16 TylerJones-21TylerJones-21

Actors now get asked how many Instagram followers they have when they are being seriously considered for a role. My clients and young actor friends always talk about this real phenomenon! Theaters need to promote their shows, and filmmakers are often crowd sourcing their funds. They need participants who are talented and have a sphere of influence. You don't need One Hundred Thousand followers to have a sphere. 500 followers is a nice start. To build on that you need PROFESSIONAL images that show your brand through story telling. Who you are and what you do so that your followers connect with you out of awe, admiration or fellowship.  Because they too may be an adventurer, or daredevil or knitter. 



Enjoy these Head Shots and this slice of Personal Brand Photography. TylerJones PBP-55TylerJones PBP-55   


TylerJones PBP-38TylerJones PBP-38 TylerJones PBP-112TylerJones PBP-112 TylerJones PBP-140TylerJones PBP-140


Tyler is Luminous!

Give Tyler a follow on Instagram @realtylerjones and if you are really feeling sporty, his film Rideshare  is currently crowd sourcing. You can make a donation here. It sounds really good.

Click here to get in touch!

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2018 Easter Mini Sessions UntitledUntitled

Its so hard to believe we are doing Spring Mini Sessions! It's still so wintry out!


Easter Mini's (3)AEaster Mini's (3)A


The weather has not been even close to "on our side" here in the Tri State,  Greater Philadelphia area. 

So this year's Mini Sessions will be all indoors because the weather is not looking any better in the 7 day forecast. 


I created an "Easter Blessings" scene which can be changed up depending on the number of children you will incorporate. 

M&M Phelps_0082HM&M Phelps_0082H



And there will also be this bright, clean scene with props galore, and/or bring your own.

M&M Phelps_0221BM&M Phelps_0221B M&M Phelps_0236AM&M Phelps_0236A


I normally prefer to provide people with ready-to-display prints and products, but because of this late posting (again due to weather), I am offering digital files so that you will have your images by Easter.  Prints and products will be available at 20% off list, and I am promising them in 2-3 weeks after the shoot date.


The cost is $95.00 plus tx. That's $9.50/ image!


The date is just around the corner, next Friday March 23 from 1-6, so waste no time booking this GREAT DEAL!  I only have time for 10 sessions. To book, call or text 610-952-8861 or CLICK HERE and write me on the contact page.  Specify what hour or half hour you would like and I'll get right back to you to confirm. I will send you an invoice and you can pay on line, zippidy-zip.

Joyous Easter!


Get your peas planted by St. Patrick's Day, Which is today! Brrrrrr!





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Maggie is LUMINOUS! UntitledUntitled Maggie M_0077AMaggie M_0077A Hello, sweet Maggie!

You are just a young girl and already your light is shining!


We got together for belated First Communion photos! What a super star model you were both in and out of the studio.

Maggie is the caboose of  a large family. Her mom wanted to create first Communion photos that kind of matched the flare of the portraits of the older children. So we did a traditional series of poses inside.


Maggie M_0218Maggie M_0218 Maggie M_0043Maggie M_0043

It was beautiful outside, as well, so we took a walk right here at my studio in the meadow to 

create these sweet images.

Maggie M_0203Maggie M_0203 Maggie M_0164Maggie M_0164


Maggie is bright and sunny and pretty funny! It was so nice to just spend some time with her!

Maggie M_0020Maggie M_0020

Maggie is LUMINOUS!

To join the fun and be part of the Insiders list, where all our sessions are first listed, CLICK HERE.

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Rainbow Baby UntitledUntitled There is a Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow goes the Irish legend!  

From where cometh the rainbow?

The rainbow comes after the storm, of course, bringing us so much joy!  "Look! A rainbow!!"

Rainbow babies are children born after parents experience  devastating loss by miscarriage, neonatal death or still birth. They are the color in the world after the storm of that loss. The storm is never forgotten, but the joy of the rainbow baby relights their hearts!

Annie_0118B-WAnnie_0118B-Wmother and child and her gratitude


The loss is  dark and  disappointing.  And the nursery, so carefully arranged, is the picture of the emptiness. 

sleeping newbornAnnie_0019C-Wrestful slumber baby newborn

Annie is a rainbow baby. She came after a series of still born siblings which brought her family to the brink of despair.

When she was born, friends of her family went to their home to setup the nursery for mom- she just couldn't do it again until she was sure. They had no clothes or diapers. They just had to wait. They could not invest in another possible empty crib.


People all over the country were praying for this baby and her mother. Every Facebook post whispered a new milestone, and Elaina and Dan's fears were evident: "Please continue to pray!"  Everyone was praying and cheering them on. But it wasn't until they could bring their baby home to their other children that they could begin to rest and believe that she was here to stay. Annie_0093C-WAnnie_0093C-WMy Precious Child


Elaina's advice to people who have suffered this kind of loss is to "Trust, just trust. God has his timing."


After the storm there is a rainbow of hope. Here I am!


Rainbow BabyRainbow BabyNewborn rainbow baby session





This beautiful  image to the left is used by permission of  photographer friend, Jaime Stone of Precious Stones Photography in Killeen, TX

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Fresh Apples Katherine_0117WKatherine_0117W

Sweet as Apple Pie!


Way up in an Apple Tree,

two little apples smiled down at me.

I shook that tree as hard as I could!

Boy were they good!




















These photos are the result of the Sweet as Apple Pie Photo Contest I ran. I needed a model because  I had a dress that inspired the whole thng. I was thrilled with the number of applications. All the children were very sweet. This was actually my first runner up!  The funniest thing is that she decided she did not want to wear the actual apple dress!!  :)

I  always work organically in my photo shoots, especially when there are little children involved.   We go with the flow both in the studio and on location, and it is in being with the true child that my favorite images occur.












Always on a shoot something is there that makes the unexpected happen. This empty greenhouse, had interesting light at sunset and created an opportunity.


The dress is still available for its maiden voyage if you have a size 3ish little girl who would like to eat some apples and frolic in the fields! And the weather is still beckoning, for all sized children, and now with colored leaves!

snapshotsnapshotInstallation gallery

This is an installation of this gallery of images chosen by the family.

You can check out more photos of children's photography on my website!







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Mary Kate is Luminous UntitledUntitled

Their Hearts Whisper...

Nawns_0039AWNawns_0039AW What has more light than a woman carrying her beautiful new child? I tell you the expectancy, and the joy in the heart of a first time mom rings reality, life,  new beginnings, and the sense that the human race is meant to carry on! Nawns_0003BWNawns_0003BW


Nawns_0073BWNawns_0073BW There is so much mystery,  Nawns_0091AWNawns_0091AW And the mother's heart already bursts to love this new child completely and selflessly. Nawns_0190AWNawns_0190AW







Behind the veil of the womb is mini me & you.  This husband and wife opt to be surprised as to what their child will be-baby boy or baby girl.




They are in loving unison with each other, and their baby gets to come into a world of joy and family.  


The black and white photos below draw me in with the soft light and the pair's connection come through in the photos. This comes as a synergy between  my subject and me. We grow quickly in a deep respect for each other, wherever we each are on our life travels that day- at that time. 

Nawns_0344BWNawns_0344BW Nawns_0332BWNawns_0332BW





Nawns_0219CWNawns_0219CW Nawns_0347BWNawns_0347BW

Their hearts whisper,  " I love you. I love our 'us,' all three."


MaryKate & John are  Luminous.

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BeLUMINOUS: Beth is Luminous UntitledUntitled Beth is Luminous!

E.Gray_0003AWE.Gray_0003AWBeth & Ross with sun glow rabbit bunny sunglow boots


As a parent participant in the Gloucester County 4H Fair in Mullica Hill, NJ, and a "new in the area" photographer, I was hoping to reach out to families so they would get to know me. Beth was the winner of a campaign I created for a portrait at the fair on the fairgrounds.

E.Gray_0150BWE.Gray_0150BWBeth in Gown with ross on top of her. Rabbit, black and white prom gown

It was fortuitous to have Beth be the winner.  She is a 19 year old teen leader and next year will be an adult leader in the club. Somehow, I think that she kind off deserved the random win- as in- what better a person then one who is already giving back?  




E.Gray_0098AW copyE.Gray_0098AW copy

I was so pleased  to work with a really strong  young lady with a gentle heart,  bright smile, and one of her 100+ rabbits named Ross. His counterpart, Rachel, was the Grand Champion this year in the rabbit barn. Their breed is called a Mini Satin.  At the time of the photo shoot, however, she was  already tired of all the publicity, so Ross stood in for her. He was a dear fellow!








E.Gray_0236AWE.Gray_0236AWClose up of Ross, the mini Satin Rabbit Ross was tame and  a breeze to work with.

4H is a fabulous organization that grants children opportunities for growth, leadership, and friendship. The families involved are solid and friendly, so everyone is a winner.

Thank you, Beth for sharing your light, and thus, "Being Luminous."


You can Check out my website, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Luminous 5 Photography captures people in the circle of life- Maternity, newborn, children, families, graduation seniors, and executive portraits.






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BeLUMINOUS: Rachel is Luminous UntitledUntitled Rachel is Luminous!

Rachel L. B_0229BwebRachel L. B_0229BwebRachel is Luminous!


I have had the pleasure of knowing Rachel for the past two years. And she is luminous.  For one thing, she has been volunteering to help children with special needs in the Therapeutic riding classes at Shadow Equestrian stables located in beautiful Monroeville, New Jersey (right in our town here at Luminous 5). She has been there for 7 years giving her time to help children with developmental delays.

Luchay_0149BwebLuchay_0149BwebVolunteering at Shadow Equestrian











Rachel is a very humorous girl. We spent a lot of time laughing during her session times. She is also a movie buff, particularly the old black and white genre. Think Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, etc. She likes the old gafaw, slap-stick movies. So I did this image in a Silver Screen look of the old skool actress head shots. Rachel L. B_0354B webRachel L. B_0354B webSilver Screen Look




















Her maturity and faith are beyond her years and she requested having portraits made in the chapel, wearing her chapel veil and while praying a rosary. We share this faith, even though there are a few years between us. Rachel L. B_0152AwebRachel L. B_0152AwebBlessed Mother wearing Chapel Veil At the fashion part of the shoot, Rachel did not hesitate to embrace her youth.  Rachel L. B_0488AwebRachel L. B_0488AwebSpin!




Rachel is graduating in a few weeks. She is going to school to study social work, again to help others.


Rachel L. B_0535A webRachel L. B_0535A web





All the best, Rachel!

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BeLUMINOUS: Luke is Luminous! UntitledUntitled

Luke is Luminous

Luke Web_0049ALuke Web_0049A This is Luke. I had the pleasure of creating his Senior Portraits with him. He will graduate in June.

LuKe Web__0434LuKe Web__0434

He works for the family business.

Luke Web_0174BLuke Web_0174B He's quite humorous. His Facebook posts ring true with me!

LuKe web__0456LuKe web__0456





He's actually one of the greatest guys around.

He enjoys everything he does.





Luke Web_0077BLuke Web_0077B













I would describe him as sincere.








                                                                                       Luke works with his mom on their

Lila Rose business doing bookkeeping and sales. He has a lot of fun stories from these adventures.






GPA: well he's Summa Cum Laude.

Enough said there.
Luke web_0011CLuke web_0011C Luke Web_0263ALuke Web_0263A

That every person would have as pure a soul as Luke!

Luke IS light.

Luke is Luminous.


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BE Luminous: Fr. Gaffney is Luminous. UntitledUntitled


Fr. Bill Gaffney is Luminous. Fr. Bill Gaffney, CssR is luminous.

If you get a chance to attend one of his missions, you will see. He brings such love and compassion and tenderness with him. He's sharp as a tack and fills you with laughter with his Irish humor. When he lays his hands on you, well, knock me over with a feather-literally.

His charisms are pure. Evident. 

I got a note of thanks from Fr. Bill Gaffney for photos I sent after a photo shoot we had in the fall. He only let me shoot for about 6 or 7 minutes before he got uncomfortable. But I remember that he loved it. This is what he said in his note:

"My deepest thanks for all the photos. I have never been so photographed in my life. I have been so blessed. People find it hard to believe that I am 82 years of age. I am so blessed."

Letter-hand written

Oh! to be grateful for a life well lived.

Fr. Gaffney is luminous.

BE Luminous.


PS: Everyone should be "so photographed" in their lives AT LEAST once.

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Be Luminous Be Luminous!


I think I am beginning to understand what I meant by the name of my company.  Luminous 5. I can't say I thought it up myself, it came more as a divine inspiration. I wanted to make it clear that we all can shine our light on others.

Do you know someone who brings light to the world?

Tell me their story: how are they luminous?


For me it is not about body type, height, weight or some kind of look.  It is the goodness that comes through. It is about love.


Nominate them. 

IMG_5021AIMG_5021ACapturing portraits



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Mug Shot I have these two favorite tea cups- mugs actually. When I empty the dw, I kind of put them in the back of the cabinet so the guys here don't take them. And in my life I note that "the guys" take what's on top. For instance, if I put my husband's least likeable shirts under the rest, I can be assured that he won't wear them. He will in fact wear what's on top.


I digress.

Looking at these two mugs, I was thinking how different they were. One is a precious porcelain, with a witty, fancy black and white  peacock. The other a thicker clay, in a soft green with imprints on it. They both reflect me in a unique and clear manner. The fancy me and the relaxed me. Both things are true about me.

  Green teacupGreen teacupMy simple side.

Green teacupGreen teacupMy simple side.

And we are more than meets the eye; Created in the image of God.


Which mug do you like better? It's ok, because they are both me, and I like them each one.


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Be Still. imageimage


It has been a time for me to be still in my work. So many other pressing things have taken place.  What a joy to be able to  resume my photography.


It IS like starting from scratch, again.  I waited -was still -and it is time again to move back in.


What a wonderful feeling and great time of GRACE!


I hope you will walk with me and  share your stories with me.

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