Branding Power: Beating the FEAR!

January 13, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Maria BWMaria BW


Beating the fear! How to Show up on SM in 2020.


What are your feelings about showing up on line?

Are you thinking I know I have to show up on social Media to grow my business but where do I start?

Do you feel like a misfit?

a techno Dyno?

too old?


worn out?

bodily imperfect?


You should show up on Social Media. And I am going to help you to face your fears!

These are such common concerns. And there are many more! But let’s face it, if you want to grow your business or influence, you need to be in the sphere of social media. In fact, websites are almost passe. People want to get to know you before they give you their trusted business.

Is fear the thing that is holding you back? Well, my friend you have to face your fears.

I faced mine!

I am a “chicken of the sea.” My 28 year old son recently called me that. I wasn’t always like this. I was as a little girl, but when I got to college I spread my wings and tried new things. I have always been a very outgoing , people person, juggling many best friends. But I am so afraid of things like roller coasters, most amusement park rides,  and back dives. I am no longer afraid of snakes, although I would be cautious to see them in nature. And in recent years, I find I am fearful of things again!


So let’s unpack the snake thing. I used to be neurotically afraid of snakes, and for no reason whatsoever, except that maybe it was the surly snake in Genesis.  But for real,I had no reason or experience other than whatever I decided in my mind at some point. My special son got into a ten year reptile obsession, and lo and behold I ended up with a ball python living in my house. My son fed it live mice!! EEEEK! But I came to appreciate the guy. He was even kind of pretty. Sometimes I even handled it!

Snakes are no longer feared by me. They have surprised me a few times and I scream, but more from surprise.

Screenshot 2020-01-13 at 4.07.30 PMThis actually happened last summer.I screamed but had the nerve to take a photo and then get the hubster to "take care of things."

By dosing myself, I became snake brave certified.

I overcame my fears. This photo on the left happened in our chicken coop last summer! I did scream in surprise, but had the where-with-all to snap the image!

My friend, This is how you can do this.

Post by post

With social media my fears were about negative comments from family and friends. Not that I was afraid of their judgement as much as I didn’t know if I could handle the negativity that could occur, and still carry on. Some negativity has occurred. But it was light at best. They mostly aren’t my ideal clients anyway.

I was also worried about not being perfect enough, young enough, or just too old! But there is no such thing as any of those aforementioned myths. You are who you are and you are WONDERFUL, as you are. You are not too old and it is not too late!

You are fearfully, wonderfully made! (Ps. 132:14)

Now if you prefer to shave or put on make-up and your favorite outfit before going on line, by all means, please do. That is WHO YOU ARE! So you be you! And if those things will help your confidence, do what it takes to get the job done. It does not matter as much HOW you show up on Social Media, it matters THAT you show up!

Here is the kicker, though. Show your products and services, but primarily, show YOU. Photos of you , selfies, getting in a car, riding a bike, skiing, knitting. Again, being all the things that make up you.

It has been said that 80% of life is just showing up! And that’s the number one rule in Social Media.

You don’t have to show up every day, but you need to be consistent!


I suggest that you aim to post two times per week and build up from there. It is hard to be consistent. So start at a doable pace.

The best remedy I have for that is to plan your posts. Don’t worry about it being perfect. Start with a theme per week or so and work it through from there. Maybe you can only plan 1 week in advance! THAT IS OK.


You want show up in places like the main feed, live videos, YouTube, IGTV and Stories. You need not be on all the platforms!  In fact, pick one to start.


Great news!   I am offering a one hour complementary, exclusive Branding Power Hour consultation for those of you who are ready to break through fear and accelerate your business. If this is you, click here and fill out the Branding Power Hour application!  I would love to talk with you and help you get a jump start on your brand and your business! If you know anyone who you feel this could help, please send them this post and let’s get them started!

Let me know about your fears. Either respond in the comments or contact me. And, as always, If you have any questions, DM me and I’ll get right back to you!

Next week we will discuss Fear of Being Photographed and how it ALWAYS ends up to be just that, A FEAR!

Thank you and I’ll talk to you you soon!

Check me out on Instagram and see how my fear facing is going!




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