Making the most of your Personal Brand Photography shoot!

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You made the leap, hired the photographer, had the fun photo shoot and are in possession of your folder of images. Those beautiful, valuable images are calling you to put them to work. 

What do I post?

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The goal is to bring in more people into your tribe. You want them to like you, and you want them on your mailing list. After that you are ready to book them. First,  you have to date them and wow and woo them a little bit. With the dating in mind, remember the basic reason for posting is to build trust. The way you do this is through different kinds of post. There are hundreds of ways to fulfill these basic concepts.

  • Sharing- share experiences, restaurants, venues whatever relates to you and your brand
  • Information- Teaching them about why you do what you do, or how you do what you do etc.
  • Personal stories- your gym/ diet moments, time with the family, your faith, your volunteer work
  • JOY! Quotes that inspire you, humor, and awesome photographs
  • Sell them


And don't forget a CTA- Call to action!

What do you want the person to do? Comment, visit your FB page, get a freebie that requires giving their mailing address?

 5 Suggested Posts:


Use the appropriate photo from your new arsenal of images to best fit what you would like to share.

Suggested Post 1: Meet me! Put a nice photo of you doing your thing. Edit it in your style if you have one. Tell what is happening in your photo. It doesn't have to be "I am George and I am a baseball coach." It can be my favorite thing about coaching the girls on the team is being able to build confidence in them. This tells me you are a base ball coach and what deeper things about it make you happy. Now I am really getting to know you. In this, a call to action could be tag an old coach or a fellow baseball player, or ask how playing in youth leagues impacted their lives.

Suggested Post 2: INFORMATION- Perhaps have an image at your job. So now, tell what most people like about working with you. Again instead of writing "my clients like to work with me because..." say something like my hard work pays off the most to me when my clients let out a fatigued and grateful thank you for helping them with their financial planning..." What has been YOUR delay to begin financial planning?

Suggested Post 3: Share an embarrassing story or a story about disappointment. People will know you are "not a robot" if you tell the one that still makes you shudder. They CAN RELATE. Call to action: Should I go back in hiding? Has this ever happened to you?

Suggested Post 4: Post a quote or a meme. Ask people if they like this one? if it's really good, people will comment.

Suggested Post 5: Incorporate type with your photo: How to decide which investment/ color scheme is best for you. Or what to wear/ or my favorite things to take to the beach with an infant. and have a link with a sign up page. Once they give you the golden email, they will receive the link to the information.

You can run posts on your Social media under these topics over and over! Once you get going you will be sure to impress me with your creativity!


Good luck! I will be following you and cheering you on.

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