Personal Brand Photography 

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The term Personal Brand Photography is a new concept. It is "business photography" for people who are on-line entrepreneurs and influencers, and any business that uses social media, blogging and a website to drive its sales and brand. Your personal brand is the who you are, the interests you have both on and off the job,  the style of person you are, and fashion/not fashion you wear.  When people buy from you, they are buying not just the product or service, but also the experience of you! 

The adage, "Your vibe is your tribe"  indicates that the people who are attracted to you will also be your followers and your customers. It's about the who you are to  help you connect with your audience and convert them to clients.



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Think of some of your favorite Instagram accounts. I bet you can tell me a few things about these people. Where they vacation, their family, their pets, etc.  What you need are images and you don't want to have to worry about this each day. People will connect BR with uke_0100AWBR with uke_0100AW
with you on a commonality, even if what your story says is UNcommon. BR with uke_0150ABR with uke_0150A

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If you are trying to grow your social media following, add customers to your service business or sell products, you need to market each day and to create a brand. It's not just enough to have your business on line. You have to have people connecting with your PERSONAL BRAND. To do this you need high quality photos ready for posting each day. 

This is not head shot photography! They may look like family portraits, your desk, or your favorite coffee shop, as well as you working and doing your thing in your business capacity.  People who do this are sharing 3-7 themes or stories about their life. We create images to help you to grow your personal brand. These are what I call Story Sessions.
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You need someone to do this for you every three months- yes, that is quarterly! If you are thriving on line, you know exactly what I mean! 

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