UntitledUntitled Rachel L. B_0229BwebRachel L. B_0229Bweb LuKe web__0456LuKe web__0456 Hey Senior! I'm so glad you stopped by!


Luminous 5, my company, is a little less about hype and a lot about being real. The key is always to bring out your light-how you really are deep down inside.

We have you covered both on location and in the studio.


You Can view our Senior Gallery here.


The Pricing 4-1-1:

Our shooting fees start at $99.00 and can go as high as $250.00.

Wall art collections begin at $495.00. Most people spend $800 dollars and up. An exact price will be given when you call.


Give us a call/ text (610-952-8861) to see what prices fit your dream session or send us a little information about you  here.